The name is Valerie
& I'm 20.

How do people end up in relationship after relationship after relationship and I can’t find a single person to even find me remotely interesting for a solid ten seconds? 


Team Darkling.



Someone’s probably in love with you right now, even though you think you’re boring and stupid and smell bad most of the time, someone probably saw you last week and wiped their sweaty hands on the insides of their pockets and thought about your body under your clothing and about how you would look asleep in their bed.

This is so perfect, I’ve thought of this countless times when I feel like a nobody.


Some people have been wanting to get into Twenty One Pilots or maybe you haven’t even heard of them, but I figured people could benefit from having a post with various links to learn about them! Each of their songs sound so different from each other so I suggest listening to a few songs from each album. There’s also some extra stuff of various videos that are highly suggested to watch. I put this all under a read more because it is quite a long post. Enjoy!

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